Thursday, 14 February 2013

Colour me happy!

So, the colour project is upon us once again - I always think that I ought to change this project entirely - but I love the moodboards and the team work part of this project - it is quite a steep learning curve for my guys too, so for now it will stay - time too is ticking away and I am sad to leave these lovelies - they are a very nice group - TYPICAL! so here they are, receiving and then playing with their colours!

Nicole looks happy!

As does Elli

Olivia's O.K.

Becky is just happy that there was a chocolate in her envelope!

Ahhh, never mind Emma-Jane! 

Moodboard madness....

No Izzy, don't do it! I know that Ian can be a bit annoying, but pushing him off the chair is just mean!

Team work.....

Olivia WH - pensive...

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