Monday, 14 January 2013

Nice weekend

Although being back at work nearly killed me last week it was good to back in the swing of things, and as you can see form my previous post, we had some fun! Friday saw us receive an email from Africa saying that our dossier had arrived safe and sound and their search for our baby had begun! We have been ordering baby "stuff" like mad and ordered new carpets etc. mainly because we will never have any money again to do so!!! I am getting very excited now, but completely terrified in equal measure, I find myself imaging what our new edition will look like and be like all the time, how we will be as parents and of course whether or not I'll be any good at being a MUM! I am encouraged by the Bookhou at home blog and hope that I can as inspiring as it's owner, Arounna, I love her work anyway and have been following her for ages, she seems to make it all look very easy, I am not convinced that it will be at all, but I know that this is right for us, and I am further encouraged by Ivan's (Mr Bicknell's) infectious excitement about the whole thing, although I think he thinks it's going to be a bit of a breeze - hmmmm, we'll see once the sleep deprivation has kicked in!

This weekend saw a group of us form work catch up with two other colleagues who, for one reason or another have been away for a while. I miss working with them both very much. Annie because she is bonkers mad and always makes me smile (although I am hoping she can come back and be me for a bit, when I am away being Mum), and Caroline because she is so very dear to me and again makes the days at college much more fun! But don't tell her this as she will get terribly big headed.... We all bought food and drank fizz and sat by the fire, I can think of much worse ways to spend my Saturdays, and as we all get on so well, we should do it more often! Caroline made scones and I have pinched this pic from her blog - I can see that this particular blog is going to be very popular - she is a bit of a style tart! You can tell her I said that!!!! You can see her blog here - follow her and make her feel loved!

And today it snowed - yay!

Not sure sniff loved it though - he couldn't get back into the house quick enough this morning!
However..... The snow was no where near as impressive as the pie Sophie bought in for lunch today - it would take you a life (time) to eat it!!!

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