Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Another week, more fun!

My be a better blogger and blog on time New Years Resolution went out the window then! Hey ho! So it continued to snow and we had some fun outside and had A WHOLE SNOW DAY OFF which meant that we had a 3 day weekend! I love a good snow day me! It was most productive too with lots of playing, drinking of hot chocolate, sleep ins, printing and watching of the Gilmore Girls - which is the best bloody £40 odd quid I have ever spent! Currently on season 4 and not apologetic about my crap taste what so ever! We struggled up to London with our reprobate 1st years - they are quite lovely really and surprisingly it was the first time for many to both travel to the big smoke on the train and go on the underground - I loved the fact that they were so excited too. The day was a huge success, we didn't lose anyone, just tube tickets and I now know exactly how many students you can squeeze through a single barrier at one time....! This time I have played (badly) with my own architecture pics on PhotoShop to add a bit of diversity to previous years - you know how repetitive this particular blog can get - so you can have a laugh at them and I can cringe at them a year on!! The second years are doing good stuff and learning all about Wabi Sabi and the little ones are going great guns. I have printed till my heart's almost content and tomorrow Mum and I will lose any shred of street cred we had left (none) and will heading to Brighton to see the X Factor - ahh Rylan, here we come!!!!!

But most importantly, you need to all keep your fingers crossed, because 3 days ago we got news of a little baby boy who needs a new home. And I can tell you, I think I might have fallen in love......

The twins next door made the most of the hills around our house - nice coordination boys!!

No, really?

Our version of the traditional corn circle!

Misty trees

Me, wrapped up and ready to go!

Excited about a snow day? No, not in a million...

Winter wonderland.

Off to the heat of the city!

So it was still cold, and we have like taken a million London architecture photos over the years, so whilst the kids got all excited outside we took to our hot chocolates inside in  Carluccio's - sorry, no before photo, it wasn't on the table long enough!!! Trust me, it looked good!

Me, addicted to food and it's packaging? No....

Meanwhile, the girls were seduced by plastic eye wear!

Yeah Tabby, they defo go with you hat!

Back in the studios and Trina's getting plastered!

Sian did some great photo shoots for her book project


And Liv
all took great Wabi sabi photos

Georgia has gone all Rubix cube and 80's

And I'm making the most of clear weekends!

Cushion 6

Cushion 7

Cushion 8

Ready to be made into lampshades

To dry for and all booked up! I know, I know!!

Oh yeah, Rylan won CBB - no, I really will continue to disappoint you with my lack of refined taste!! 

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