Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Making, selling, enjoying

It has been very exciting watching the Olympics hasn't it? What it must have been like to have been there let alone to compete, I can only imagine,  spine tingling without a doubt probably- and this is how it should be, people stepping up and showing the world how exhilarating it is to get on and have a go - life is for grabbing and enjoying, stretching and challenging ourselves and not for sitting around just talking about what we could do if we were so minded, blimey, it's short enough already isn't it?  In this instance, I know I have said it before - but, WOW, not bad for the tiny island that is ours, how proud I am to be British right now! I am now waiting in gleeful anticipation for the Paralympics, I teach a lovely girl who is, it would seem, a pretty amazing sprinter,  her name is Olivia Breen and she is going to be competing this year. In addition to this she is also the youngest member of our team. I am so excited for her, she is also excited - more excited than I have ever seen anyone! Look out for her and keep everything crossed, she is truly delightful and it is so heart warming to see one of our students enjoying such an incredible chapter of their life! Her mother mailed me to apologise for the fact that she was behind with her textiles work - sod that I said, tell her to run faster! Good luck Livvy! 

Thanks to the wonderful Peter Charles, Alton also has its very own golden post box - I love the fact that this little token of celebration has emerged - so very British! Of course, I was straight out with my camera as soon as I found out where it was!

Peter Charles - great clear round!

Here are a few of  my favourite moments of 2012...

This is how to celebrate in style!

I know that this is a bit wibbly in origin - but I just love it!


My brother could have given these two a run for their money!!! Go Mo!!!

So I continue to make and decorate, as well as force myself to keep my fitness up for Nepal which is going to quickly be upon us - oh God I hate body attack!

Canvases, paper bunting and lampshades - the cat, you will notice, still hasn't moved...

Except when it's dinner time!

paper bunting

lamp shades - a new venture and so easy to make- don't know if I can part with them though!

lamp shades - glamour shots - well the sunshine is so rare you have make the most of it!

New birds

New birds - their glamour shot!

New canvases - no glamour shots ....

New pile of lavender bags

The 12th August is our wedding anniversary - someone booked himself on some sort of boring mountain course thing (by accident apparently), so I was home alone (as usual), when these arrived though he was forgiven - the great thing is that it hadn't even crossed my mind that he would do this! 

It wouldn't be the holidays if a couple of dump purchases hadn't been made! These two beauties cost me £4 - watch this space.....


and primed - more to come when the sun comes out!

I know I said that my bathroom would be boring -  but well, I couldn't resist!
I have also repainted our hall and the bedroom is next - but that really would be pushing it photographically!

Last weekend saw the first of a few craft markets to come - building up to Christmas - the sun shone, my Mum popped by for some well needed company and the punters rocked up - well, you couldn't exactly miss my stall.......!

Looks like a jumble sale you say? Well, how rude!!!

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  1. It was fab wasn't it? I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.
    Look at all that lovelines! I'm mad about your lampshades..I hope you'll be bringing a few in November!! You stall looks fab.
    I've spent so much time organising sellers, I've baresly sewn a stitch for my own stall! I'll have to get a move on.