Tuesday, 29 March 2011

What really bothers me......

I know it has been over a week - sorry! I have been so busy it's unbelievable - sometimes being a textiles teacher is full on, at the moment, my lot - who I am currently VERY pleased with (- their Brighton work you will enjoy soon - I promise - was well, AMAZING ) - are all preparing to start their Final Major Projects (FMP's) and today we had a mammoth presentation session, so I am both brain dead and exhausted from trying to think of exciting and useful things to say about each one. Watch this space to see how things unfold - do you remember that last years show is what I started this blog with - crumbs, a year already..... Will I and should I keep it going? Of course! It's great having something that's all mine - somewhere to record all the great experiences I am lucky enough to, well, experience! And this is what bothers me...... Part of my job is to encourage new and exciting ways of bringing the virtual learning environment into the classroom and I genuinely believe that blogs are an important part of this, the sad thing is, that some of my colleagues just don't get it - everybody has an excuse as to why they are a waste of time - I tell you what, next year when I am trying to explain screen printing to a bunch of green first years, I will be very pleased to pop my printed pics and instructions up on screen for a ready made explanation - as will I when there is an archive of ex-student diaries and images to help with uni choices ready and waiting to explore, or last years show, or.... well you get the point! But what was particularly gratifying today was to discover that a number of top universities put a great deal of stock in them too.... so there all you miserable gits out there!



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