Sunday, 20 March 2011

And I am not even ashamed of myself....

This week I have been entertained twice - well, what I mean is that I have attended two entertaining events -  obviously I am ALWAYS entertained by my lovely student boys and girls, but I don't have to pay for that - well not in cash, blood, sweat and tears maybe....... anyway, the first was in the week and involved a trick of the mind (or two) - can you foresee what it might have been? Ha! I am a sucker for this guy, although I am sad to report that this wasn't the best show of his I have been to and, err, yes there have been a few that I might have found myself at! Why it's Derren Brown of course!

Secondly, and for this I really make no apologies what so ever - My Mum and I went to the Xfactor live event at the 02 last night - it should be pointed out however, that it was Ivan (Mr Bicknell) who actually purchased the tickets - I would NEVER have parted money for them myself (!). It was actually most enjoyable and the other 20 odd thousand audience members seemed to enjoy themselves too - ahh, hoards of screaming teenagers, garlic chips and red wine in a plastic cup what more could a girl want?! The evening was also preceded by some shopping on the kings road and a trip on the Thames Clipper - £3 to get from the London eye to the 02 - no raging underground and great views - this I thoroughly recommend! Stupidly I forgot to charge my phone - some intrepid blogger I turn out to be - but here are a few images I have borrowed from the net!

Anthropologie is a real favourite of mine, but I had yet to visit the Kings Road store, and as they had very kindly sent me a voucher for my birthday it seemed rude not to go and use it! The store is not just a store though - it has a "living" area and contains so much more than just clothes - although that is only what the pair of us purchased! Starting this week, the kings Road store (there is another on regents street) will be launching make do and mend workshops too. I also might have visited a few other retail outlets too - but don't tell Ivan (Mr Bicknell)! The shoes I got from Muji are looovvveeellly!

I couldn't help but snap this window at Petit Bateau - I love a good saga!

There is also a wonderful food market every Saturday on the Kings Road in the Duke of York Square - near the Saatchi gallery - it is truly wonderful and not only has stall after stall of comfort eating goodies, but delicious food on the move stands too - you can self indulge until your heart's content!

The Southbank was chocca with street entertainment - tons of street dance, mime artists and a couple of the above - nothing like a bit of healthy competition huh? The fact that it was gloriously sunny meant that we could enjoy our designer and ridiculously over priced mugs of tea alfresco too!

This is where you can catch the clipper from - every 20 minutes for less than a tube fare! Hmmm, still haven't been on the eye - maybe next time!

And then came Matt .........

Nope - not even embarrassed that I went!


  1. Excellent! I love Derren Brown SO MUCH! I have heard reports that this isn't him at his best, but there you go!
    Aas for the X-Factor show, why not? They can all hold a tune and Matt is rather gorgeous.
    I'm off to London next month and I'll be travelling by Clipper rather than Tube....far more civilised!xx

  2. Thanks for the back-up Ms Black - I expect I'll get it in the neck from the students tomorrow though! Have yourself a fab time in the big smoke won't you!