Monday, 12 June 2017

A remarkably speedy half term, a special birthday and showtime already....

A busy time between the Easter hols and May half term - someone turned 5 who can believe it?? There has been another trip to the big smoke, obviously a party had to be planned and we at that showtime time of year again!

So, first, the invitations - scroll style for a pirate party!

Then the nervous wait for replies!!

Sara it would seem, one of our lovely fine artists appears to rather handy with her toes!

The Diana exhibit at Kensington Palace, happy birthday me - thanks Mum! Xx

Doesn't she loo lovely!

A day at the Science center Winchester - watch how he reacts when he realises he is on TV!!

My lovely little rainbow.

Fine art Bertie - pouring away!

A visit from a student past - complete with the tattoo that made her famous!!

And it rally is "Oh my God Final Major Project" time, nothing changes.....!

Practicing at Alice Holt for Pirate shenanigans!!

And so the party planning began!

Pieces of eight - fortunate give that I forgot to actually fill in the word gold into the word search!!

My one and only Ebay purchase - this badge maker has been a gem of a buy!!

Hooray for IKEA for party supplies, and of course a bit of playing around on the way round!!

WHAT was I thinking??? Pass the parcel presents should be miniscule - or you end up with a parcel the size of a pillow like I did!!!

You know you have lost the plot when you start custom making word searches and pirate hats!!

Presents galore.

Alongside the planning of the party of the year, we did the interview rounds and this year each candidate got a goody bag - is it sad that I love doing these??? Anyone want to employ me to make bags for their party or event? Please????!!!

Imogen paints - but you knew that already!!

Honor and her Lichen!

The A level mock exam had some real winners ......

Sophie's octopuses 

Eleanor's cape

Fabulous first year printmaking makes Mr Bicknell very happy!

Lauren rocking the print table!

The party day arrived and these two are clearly not used enough to hard work!

Dinner with lovely people and a Banagram triumph!!

The Parrot got stuffed!

The most amazing treasure map made by Daddy!

Yeah, this is where I knew I had lost the plot!!!

Great distractions by Grandpa Renchi!!

All good to go!!

Parrots on the lookout!!

Looking jolly enough to me!

The parrot got it!

The sugar rush ensued - just enough juice to make the most of the Treasure Hunt!

Yeah Mama I have the spoils!! Just look at that pout!!

Pride comes before a fall.... watch out for those sharks!!

Mr Bicknell - straight out of a Famous Five book - come on gang let's find that treasure!!

And they did!

Mr Marks and Sparks did us proud with the cake - kindly purchased by Granny!!

Well you can't take them home.... Trampoline balloon popping!

Mr Bicknell's gorgeous Grandma Ginny passed away just before her birthday - which also happens to be Noah's special day - she was such an elegant woman, even until the end, she was celebrated with a passion and cakes were made by the children and eaten by the masses!

Noah and Flo - goodbye Great Grandma Ginny ❤❤❤

Sunny days and running through the barley fields - lucky they weren't wheat - Mrs May reliably tells us the farmers don't like it.......!!

As a recent piece of homework Noah had to respond to one of Unicef's documented children's rights - the one about adoption seemed fitting.. This is our family.

The studios at work began to be transformed

Spaces were allocated.....and tears were's a tricky business!!

A weekend in Brighton

Staying with Ivan's wonderful, wonderful sister Emma who has a bit of a collection of my lampshades - that's not why I think she is wonderful BTW 😊❤

So Mr Bicknell disappeared for pretty much the WHOLE of half term (cheers mate), so guess who was face painting at stupid O'clock in the morning!! Yeah I know - I need to practice!!

Smoothies were also on order!

No rest for the wicked (me apparently), fashion show rehearsals.

Abi the puritan

Flo capturing Ella

Roberta and THE hair flick

Who says dresses aren't for boys?!

Roberta's intelligent festival wear!

Ella color blocking Flo!

Proud brother, super clever sister