Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The end of the academic year.....

So I have a whoooole summer to post about, and I will catch up I promise (nothing new there then), but right now I need to go back and fill in the gaps a bit, Last year was full on for us, as well, it normally is really, but now that I have a Noah I really do feel the strain of the teaching - I know so many people think that we have it made with all the long holidays, but teaching really is so much  more than just delivering a lesson, I'll leave it at that! However my particular students did brilliantly and I couldn't ask for more than that, but some of us found a good way of letting off some of the steam that had built up over the year nonetheless........

The fashion show went really well - hopefully more of that to follow.....

The sunshine came and Noah and I started to get out and about - in this instance with a bit of a reluctant Bobby from next door!

Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for!

I was given beautiful flowers from my lovely students.

Chocolates (didn't last long)

The best converse ever - I will ALWAYS love them for this!

The fizzy stuff - oh God I am going to miss my Billy shadow!

And this beauty from Pascale. X

The lillies certainly made an impact in the front room!

Talking of fowers, i learnt to make a hand tied bouquet - get me!

And well, then I got cocky!

For the first time EVER my Grandmother's Peony flowered.

Noah and I enjoyed the garden - looks a right sight now.

I made a handbag - never before has Ivan been so horrified! he hasn't really jumped on board with the flower arranging, can't think why.........

Annie, Max, Noah and I continued our investigations into play farms - this time Hobbledown farm - oh the joys of being a mum!!
No matter how much bouncing my child does though, he is still full of beans!

HUGE birds of prey

I would look this worried if I had a ruddy great big bird on my arm too!

Hunting for gems

On this occasion Ivan joined us and well, let's say he might have got properly stuck in - poor old Noah didn't get a look in!

And it's always fun to bury Mummy.....

Got one!

So you might expect your children to scrape their knees when out and about, but not in this instance! Luckily the doctor was at hand!

Admiring his handy work!

Auntie Annie and Noah taking a trip  

Nice place!

Charmian and I had a day out shopping in Winchester - I always love the windows at Hambledon...

Bit of street art!

I won't talk about my purchases though because then my husband (Mr Bicknell) will know just how unbelievably bad I was - well, it was a very long year......!

The finale of my flower arranging course (Mr Bicknell continues to be completely horrified), a seascape - yes really! Amazing what you can do with a bit of banana leaf and some lavender!

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