Monday, 19 January 2015


Finally made it into 2015! Although  I don't really have any resolutions - I suppose I will try to keep more on top of things (I always say this), like blog less sporadically, fight the system and keep my creative teaching job and hopefully not find myself signing on next year...... - getting that wretched film I keep talking about off the ground might be useful in helping the world to see that we really do run the best Foundation course can only help our recruitment right? Keeping on "growing" the most fantastic little boy ever, be nicer to my husband and attempt to instigate the odd date night, start buying the odd lottery ticket  (you never know!!), do something more determined with my own creative endeavours rather than the odd little market, get fitter, slimmer, healthier...........

In the meantime - because the above is a bit of a challenge, let me introduce you to the new textiles/fashion/photography cohort.....

Alex - she's a bit shy - but a rather good photographer

Angel - not so shy and a blossoming textile designer

Becks - says it like it is and is great at snapping at the world around her

Billy - knows his Balenciaga from his Burberry

Bradley doesn't, but he nearly knows his way around a camera (!)

Chloe - pre swanky hair-cut - much more of a fashionista now!

Emily - her with the photogenic Granny!

Emma - knows more than she lets on about textiles

Flo - confident with a paintbrush

Georgia M - has a style all of her own

Georgia P - fabulous in front of and behind the camera

Hannah, a surprisingly good photographer!

Holly -a good thing that fashion is so fast-paced

Iza - as slippery as they come - perfect for a career in fashion!

Katie - scarily focused and textiles all the way

Molly - isn't ginger the new black? 

Pascale - crafting it up a storm!

Speaking of whom - she wishes, if all you needed to be a brilliant photographer was a loud mouth there would be no stopping her!


Susie - sew fabulous

Noah - honorary group member - more interested in a hole in the ground! 

Richard - he of the MASSIVE sandwich and carer of our beloved laser cutter!

An old friend came back on the radar showing them how it's done on the (real) catwalk - love you Pip x

Mixing the groups up always calls for an ice breaker - this is some of them saying hello in their own imitable ways....

Storm, Bradley, Hannah and Emily with a little bit of help from a borrowed Alice...

Georgia P working it for Holly and Katie

Chloe and Emma

Georgia in demand for Angel and Georgia M

Susie and Flo


Pascale, Billy and Iza

Project 1 for textiles - The shape of things to come.....
I have "shifted" away  from colour and the skirt to dresses made from shapes - had to keep making the envelopes though!

Straight into the moodboard phase!

So far so good!

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