Saturday, 25 October 2014

Life logged in days

Busy as usual....Alton College - where I work, keeps me this way! Open evening season is upon us again - my first as a Mum - logistical nightmare I discover!! Hooray for My parents! Tricky when you both work at the same place (long may it continue!). It was fun though in a hard work kind of way - met lots of interesting families and the evening was made even better by some of our lovely current students helping out - below are Jenny (with the cheesey grin), Esme and Katie - hard at work making our wasp display/show piece for the night - lots of sweeties courtesy of Charmian were consumed too......

Charmian, deborah and I went back to school for the day - well, uni actually - UCA Farnham to be precise - it was a great day and never again will I be dismissive of the place - I very much enjoyed the company of the lecturers and the tasks that we undertook - their crafts study centre is currently holding an exhibition of the the work by Chien-wei Chang - I highly recommend it.

Cousins Max and Noah had a day together in Leafy Dulwhich village and a play at the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill. Cute! Max angelic, Noah trouble!!!

Last year we had a closed facebook group for the fashion, textile and photography students - all those I teach it was great and the students really ran with it. This year I decided to open it up to everyone I have ever taught those subjects too - the response to my request was over-whelming - what a great bunch you all are! We have the beginnings of a proper community now with a ton of useful dialogue going on between the years - BRILLIANT!!! On top of this I have set a task a la Perou's secret diary
the photography to document our lives on a daily basis with a few words and phot0graphs  - here is the start of mine.....
October 13 at 10:56pm

Yesterday Noah and I baked brownies

Today we swam

He swam underwater
This is my first (not so) secret diary post
This year we are going to document our lives daily
Aren't we.......
Join in if you can keep up the pace

Noah doing his thing...

October 14 at 6:23pm

Today all I did was paperwork
paperwork, paperwork, paperwork
I expect my students all had a lie in while I slaved away getting their courses all sorted
I bet they did nothing
I have a sore throat - I blame Emma M
I'm looking forward to seeing how productive my boys and girls have been tomorrow.......

Here are some more images from that day....

Today was a creative day
The lovely Jade Evans made these lovely waspy prints
The first years took great cut letter form photos
Ryan SMILED - you have NO IDEA what a big deal that is
I went to the gym
Bad idea, cold now in full swing
Ivan and Noah are now sick too

Some other interesting trashion outcomes include these by Josh & Louis and Holly respectively...

I feel wretched - cold from hell
Ivan has man flu however - pah, men!
Today Jenny gave me a rose - it was pretty much dead, but hey, it's the thought that counts!
Ashleigh is the queen of origami - sorry Caroline Booth and Emma Wilson!
At least it's Friday tomorrow.....


Autumn is pretty much here I would say
Looking forward to some Spanish sunshine in 1/2 term
Only a week to go guys....
Every second I get I'm printing. Printing, printing, printing
hoping for a Christmas rush.....!
No Bradley Smith it's X factor and HA, I don't have to write an evaluation
But I do have to write 32 subject reviews straight after 1/2 term......

A morning of Lego building in our PJs
Home made muesli - thank you Ivan
Cushion anyone?

So my day started with swimming - Noah not me
Great until he threw up in the pool
Really popular as we were all evacuated out...
Looooooong day
Still really sick - cheers Emma Momber
And look - I have a really exciting evening of marking ahead of me!
I'm sure Storm's will make it all worth it....
At least MIC is on!

It looks like you are all getting on well without me (defo not feeling the slightest bit miffed about that...) Lots of brill spinny work - yay!
Will be back tomorrow (lucky you!).
BTW this is all I saw today, well, apart from the bathroom that is......

Feeling better today
Not so many photo opportunities today - too busy and someone else was using my camera today......!
If you haven't read this book, you must
This is part of my birthday present to my friend liz - she is Noah's BFF Mum - the ticket is a free baby sitting pass - how rock and roll are we?!
I am super proud of the way this group is shaping up

Alphasemble making time again
bring back memories?

Some useful printmaking came from these shapes too - here are Ryan's creations - regardless of the fact that I made him make them.........!

I am loving Louis' lovely little plasticine character - I think he will do in the animation stakes.
Talking about funny little plastic creatures......

Here are some of the best pics from my guys....

Both by katie


Hannah - ahh, look at my guys!

Katie again




Georgia M

Georgia P

Bradley again

Katie again


Georgia M


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