Monday, 2 June 2014

Birthdays and showtime

This is becoming a bit of a one post a month wonder this blog isn't it? Hmmmm, sorry about that, but life continues to be busy busy, and I am pretty much bouncing from one part of my life to the next at the moment - never a dull moment I suppose! last month was full of fun and celebration however.Noah turned 2 - already! There was a Swiss birthday, a 40th birthday, a Mum birthday and a brother birthday (expensive month for me, May) The shows are going up so the last few weeks have been full of fun and frolics (and tears of course) in the studio, my online store is open, but I am not completely happy with it, so you will still have to wait tomsee it (of course you may not be at all interested!) - who knew that it would be so complicated and take sooooo long??? 

We also went to the zoo! I do like a zoo, I probably shouldn't, but I do. Marwell is pretty local to us and has some great breeding programmes, so that makes me feel better! Noah typically was most excited about a lone black crow perched on a fence by the zebras!! But Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I enjoyed all the "proper" animals!

gossiping giraffes

Not the cheeriest of Meerkats!

Someone I know quite liked being 2 and having a party......

It spells out celebrate in case you were wondering!

I might have gone a little bit over the top....

Cheese and pineapple on a stick anyone???!

My Mum's awesome 70's hedgehog cakes - this is what my childhood was made of!

Noah cooking in his new kitchen -

- well, taking a short cut to the oven anyway!

A whole day of present opening, but none so spectacularly wrapped as Grandpa Renchi's!

Always with his special hat!

Noah's BFF Stanley joined in the festivities...

I think we might have a bit of a bromance coming on!!

All tired out!

It has been all go at work - every inch of our space has been fully utilised as demonstrated by Jess on the floor!

Remember Emma, it was YOUR choice to go mental with the origami....

Caroline doing a great impression of looking like she knows what she is doing!

Nice print though....

Jess getting it on with the sequins

Leah with her head down!

The lovely Chloe - pleased with her prints!

So am I.....

This is nothing to do with us, saw it in the A level textile room and liked it!

Yeah Caroline, you hide from the camera - but we can all see that, that coat is still not finished.....

Amy the intern taking a break (!) AMY! Where are you????????????

Leah, different hat, still got her head down......

The textiles are coming along nicely........

Finishing touches from Emma 

Impressive that your screen is still in working order Millie! Unlike Siobhan's.....


Siobhan in a sticky situation....

Wrapped in bubble wrap to protect my car!


Shibori sweat shop!

Millie - sitting pretty!

Busy, busy, busy. Mess, mess, mess!

Still hiding Caroline?

Origami crazy!

Jess's throne!

Jade - a girl that can break glass...

Nick looking "De Vine"

Still faceless.....

Milly creating her creatures

The next set of images belong to Sammy who is looking at reactions to colour

chair under construction

Jess - splatter happy!

Charlotte - just plain scary!

Fi - positively glowing!

Jess - nearly there! Don't let Mark see!!!

It's wild

Still doing the origami then Emma......

Yep - I'm still printing......

Charlotte getting all laid out!

Shiv - taking too long about it - room 95 is calling you madam!

Charlotte - an organised sketchbook - who would have thought!

Love the fashion illustrations!

and the shibori

And the happy accidents!

Another camera shy body...

Emma - a sketchbook which will no longer close!

Getting clippy with it!

And the spaces were allocated

But not before you pay - oh Shiv, you naughty girl - there's no such thing as a free education - Mr Gove doesn't like it!

Emma - you simply don't look "De Vine" enough!


A dangerous combination....

A tragic combination.....

FB specials! Mark, an unwitting participant!

Shiv - the body she always wanted!

Taking things extremely seriously - a show to put up? Us?

Just like me and them!! 

On it!

Lost it...

Lost it more....

Lost it and doesn't even care......

Never had it!

Sweat shop

And the final outcomes begin to appear - well done Milly - but err, WHERE ARE YOU??????

The only Sunny half term day was well chosen for Lizzie and Claus's birthday do - and a fine time was had by all - apart from poor Maxi who threw up all day - not so closely followed 4 days later by my own little drama queen! And wouldn't you know it - his Daddy was away!

It takes a loooong time for a bunch of kids to empty a Pinata! 

Noah did good though!

The kids went to bed and the parents chilled - all until about 123 O'clock - how party are we?????!!!

Welcome to my decade Lizzie and Claus!

A rare sighting of Sniff - not a common occurrence now that we have a Noah! 

Noah and Stanley just hangin'

Ellie Lyver, this is just for you - it only took a year  - but AT lAST, he has grown into your lovely dino T!!

Finally, I have been working on some wrap around mug designs - I have sent them off to be professionally printed as after 5 or 6 failed attempts with a laser printer, heat press, bowl of water and an oven I discovered that I have no aptitude with decals!

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