Thursday, 3 April 2014

So I had a birthday and it has taken this long to recover from the knowledge that I am soooo old!!!

Oh God, sooooo old! But well, it's not so bad, I am not really getting any wiser, still painfully and irritatingly immature, but I'm in a good place, so that has to mean something! Life is jam-packed, whose idea was it to have a full-time job and a mental toddler?! I am also in the process of opening an online store - more about that in another post (hopefully)... This in itself is stressful enough, although I am hoping to con an ex-student who knows a tall Grey Bird to help me out - you know who you are lovely girl!! So what have we been up to since my last proper post? You probably haven't been conned by my fake trying to keep you interested efforts have you?! Well, as you know, I had a birthday - it was a very nice one thanks - my boys gave me breakfast in bed and some great music and a pair of hunter wellies which go very nicely with my lovely green raincoat from my very generous mother in law. My parent's present happens tomorrow with an over-nighter at Champneys - I. Cannot. Wait! My day was made even better however by my lovely students who made me the most awesome card I have ever seen, baked a cake and (I almost passed out) bought me that lovely triangle print tote from Bookhou at home! Spoiled? I should say so! I went to the gym in the evening (because I am sad and rather rounded!) and came home to fizz and Sri lankan prawns!

While I am on the subject of being spoiled, I thought I ought to acknowledge what we were given post the New York trip - I was given a rather lovely box of Godiva chocolates - my favourite in the whole world - and for embarrassingly not doing much (Ivan, Mr Bicknell did ALL the work), and he got some very cool Pantone Beakers and a very beautiful book - V.naughty boys and girls, but we are very grateful! X

Noah is still recovering from staying with Granny and Grandad - either that or he is beginning to find supermarket shopping as tedious as I do!

My amazing cake and card, along with Molly's hedgehog cake - the first time ever that I have shared a birthday with a student! I really liked sharing it with such a lovely girl - thank you Caroline for baking the cake and thank you Sammi for providing the friendly hedgehog!

One of the best Victoria sponges I have ever tasted! So if the fashion design thing doesn't work out for you Caroline.........

Work must go on though - Emma hard at it with the sand paper - I don't believe for one minute that she wore this mask the whole time!!

I became a twit! The Roald Dahl variety - the things we have to do!  I really couldn't have this much hair in real life though  - it would drive me insane - although I like the way it detracts from the lump that is my body!!

Charmian was far more glamorous - but then she didn't have half a stick of charcoal rubbed in all over her face!!

Shive got hold of my computer - but pahahaha, I got hold of the ice-skating video from NY - at last, in the words of Charlotte, there is something she can't do - I think this was about tumble 17 of 23, and although a bit battered she left the broken bones to Alex!

Noah has been having fun - a spot of tapas out on our quest for birthday presents for Daddy (5 days after mine) - I cannot tell you how pleased he was with himself about being out to lunch! "Ohhh, now what shall I have now....?"!

Playing on the swings and getting Grandad in compromising positions - I have been kind and not included the pic of him stuck at the bottom of the slide!

A spot of T.V. together is always nice too!

I spotted this in a shop window in the village my parents live in - isn't it wonderful? That is what I call an Ark, and I would kill for it - not for sale though, and well, let's face it, if it wasn't I couldn't afford it!!

We went to London - first court hearing - at last, we are nearly there - the judge was so lovely and I think quite taken with Noah - Noah had the best day, terrorising the commuters on the early train, watching the planes in the sky above London from the window, having breakfast in Carluccio's, strolling, no, tearing along the Southbank, having lunch at Ping Pong and completely losing the plot at the London Aquarium with at least 3 full on tntrums and 2 knackered parents - maybe we tried to fit in too much, you think?! 

Paul in the department had a Birthday and Georgie went all out - ahhh, besties!

Is it really sad to get excited about new tape? No? Great, well I did! And put it to good use right away! These will be on sale (eventually) on my online store...

I bit the bullet and did a NO MAKE-UP selfie - it had to be done and I hope lots of you did this, but more importantly, donated your 3 quid.

It was great to be back at Tweseldown in my little room at the back with the lovely ladies from "Stuff" they make it so much fun, especially when it is so cold! Let's hope that this month is Warmer! 

Tweseldown Artisan Market

Next Market is the 26th April 9 - 4 

The Stuff ladies bring so many nice art materials with them for their workshops!

My friend Katie put this on FB - made me smile!

As did this - 3 times before Emma had to put this up to remind herself!

The FMP is on and some interesting work is quickly developing - more in the next post - they are a very clever bunch!

I had my first Mother's day - wow, I'm a MUM! When Noah's creche gave me a card and a cake last Friday it took a minute for me to realise what it was for!!

Noah chose his outfit all by himself so that he could watch Glee in comfort - a musical theatre star in the making? Oh please, oh please, oh please! Climbing? PAH!

I got taken for a DUMMY - I thought Shiv was extraordinarily quiet! 

The culprits!

Chloe's lovely monkey - see great work in the making - imagine this as a screen print on wallpaper!

See ya! X

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