Sunday, 2 March 2014

Still. Very. Tired.

But I have had a nice quiet weekend with my boys and am reluctantly moving into a week which will see me turn 43 OMG 43.

Still, at least mentally I am only about 15 - here are my favourites from a weekend of rubbish telly (about all I am good for) A nice blog mention and a sweet pic of two of "my girls" who are unperturbed by the rubbish weather!

Today Ivan (Mr Bicknell) asked Noah to do something or other and Noah didn't quite hear, but responded with an "oh what now?" response - oh god, he is his parent's son!!!

Quinn to win! This was actually from last weekend which I watched while Ivan was asleep in New York last week - yeah, I am perfectly well aware that I am incredibly sad!


I happened across this online today - it was a very nice surprise!

I love these two - Emma and Jess always brighten my day!!

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