Thursday, 30 January 2014

Back in the saddle!

Work has been all right you know! I love my specialist group, Noah has slotted straight into nursery without a care in the world, and my timetable is so brilliant that I am still getting to spend an enormous amount of time with him so I don't feel like either of us are missing out on each other, in fact the skills he is picking up through the regular interaction with children his own age has pushed his overall social development on in leaps and bounds! He always says please (peas) and thank you (da) and has added a whole new host of words to his existing vocabulary - he is as cheeky as and continues to just as affectionate as ever!

What hasn't been great however has been the obvious slide in my immunity to college bugs, and since my return I have had a constant code and this Sunday saw me vomit for England, poor old Noah didn't come off Scott free unfortunately and  he too succumbed to a generous amount of vomiting too -  in fact he got it first - as you probably know these things are short lived fortunately, but having to remain at home with a well again toddler when you are feeling well below par is rubbish!!

Last week, AT LAST, we submitted Noah's papers for court - with any luck, and a wing and a prayer, the judge will be kind enough to let his re-adoption go through smoothly - keep your fingers crossed for us won't you?

So what have we been up to?

At the end of the Christmas holidays, two of my favourite ever students came to visit - literally braving hell and high water (!)- Ish and G - they arrived with lovely gifts for Noah and even some fab things for me, and not only this, but they arrived with homemade scones and posh cream!!! I am very lucky to remain in touch with so many lovely boys and girls, and I hope they know how much I appreciate their wonderful contribution to my life.

Sorry about the bad image quality girls....

I am discovering that when a toddler is used to full-on week day entertainment, he expects it at the weekend too - I tell you I am already of soft play at the sports centre and cannot wait for the weather to sort itself out! So in desperation we headed over to a local garden centre to look at the fishes and the bunnies! Noah, being the uber sociable guy that he is, also made a new friend called Posey - whose Mummy it transpired, used to get the same bus as me to college - we haven't set eyes on each other for way over 20 years!!!

Lampshades continue to come out of my ears - I shouldn't complain that people actually want to buy my work, but blimey do I have to be a demon with my time management these days!!

Below is an image I was recently sent by this one's lovely owner - it looks fab on the clear base I think and so cool to see something I made look so good in someone else's space! Thank you Carol and thanks for the second purchase!!

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) went on a school trip - he must be the only teacher ever who goes to look at architecture and returns with a parrot - err, because Noah didn't have one!

I have been making a mess....

The latest owl production line - these ones will be lavender scented too - if I can work out how to keep the lavender inside the blanket stitches!

Let me introduce you to the gang of 2014 - just 11 textile and fashioners and 6 photographers this time - but we all know it's quality over quantity!! Sorry - baaad quality pics - but I had to been quick as it isn't easy encouraging a bunch of girls to look daft in front of a camera!!


Not true!

Like you wouldn't believe...

believe it!

I think Chloe meant quiet, but she is quite careful too.......!

'nough said!

Scarily so

Kate moss eat yer heart out

mad as a box of snakes


completely agree

as slippery as they come




serves them right for using my camera for a selfe - as if I wouldn't blog it!

Talking of blogs check out the sparkly new Textiles and photography blog and get to know the newbies - needless to say that I didn't pick the name - you'll see!

Ivan (Mr Bicknel) has been busy teaching life and unbelievably he has even managed to get some decent work out of my girlies - here are some of his own efforts - such a talented guy huh?

The first years (who I don't think know how to take me yet) have been making paper cities - not a parrot in sight!

Tabby, Milly and Siobhan were naughty and wasted a phenomenal amount of paper - so were given a punishment task - I don't mind this waste of paper though, although I can't of course be sure of any sincerity behind it!! 

Hmmm, queen huh? Shame my head is far too small for a crown!!

When I was sick (as a parrot), my lovely husband did his best to make me feel better!

Two family sized bottles and I'm all better - took me right back to my childhood - the only thing missing from a day off school was the Cedar tree!!

I remember when anyone had a sick day from school it was the law to watch this and then share the details of the current story line upon their return - see! I was always hooked on crap telly!

I at last made use of our new chalk board wall to show my appreciation!

Brilliantly timed was the arrival of this awesome parcel from Switzerland - thanks lovely Bex it was the BEST surprise and full of lovely, lovely stuff - which was VERY NAUGHTY - especially as the parcel it was allegedly missing from was already jam packed full of incredible stuff.... Spoilt.

Talking of spoilt - do you remember my Renchi starling day post? Well, this arrived hand delivered from the man himself as a gift - this I think should be my next 5 birthday and Christmases as it was soo very generous. Thank you lovely father in law - I LOVE IT. X 

New venture - inspired by Bookhou at home - fabric storage pots - it remains to be seen if anyone will buy one - but the challenge of using maths to work out the circular base circumference was a killer - FYI C = πd!

And HOORAY it's rubbish (yet brilliant) telly time of year again - what is not to love about Kylie, Tom, and Ricky on the voice?

Liz Jones - whose column I follow avidly was sublime on CBB - the best series ever and hooray for Jim, who thoroughly deserved to win!

And oh, Ray Quinn on Dancing on Ice - you have my vote!!

And tonight I saw this on FB - tok me back and warmed my heart and made me remember all over again how lucky we are and how, if you are thinking about it, you should go to this wonderful country and do what you can and for who you can.....

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