Monday, 9 September 2013

Blackberries, hens and clocks...

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) has now returned to work and Noah and I have been left to our own devices! I have found it a bit strange to not be in the thick of it at college - no frantic labelling of drawers, no mind numbingly boring meetings, no excitement about new faces or those which will return so much older and wiser (!), no catching up with colleagues and no could it be Ofsted panic! Instead I have a term of little ducklings, talking tots, stepping stones, monkey music and babes in the wood ahead of me.... Surprisingly (to me), I am not missing work at all, instead I am enjoying getting to know our little boy, loving the fact that he can now show me where his ears, teeth, nose and toes are, that he loves to have a huggle (hug/cuddle) and anything hot is an ooooo! I never really appreciated that these little people really are the proverbial sponges they are promised to be - he doesn't miss a trick - upon blackberrying it was explained that green and red berries were not a go, consequently only  the black variety were deposited into our jug - of course more found their way into his tummy, but you can't have everything can you!

Noah wearing his bee baby reins - a marvellous invention which means I can actually hang on to him - actually the task of grabbing as many berries as possible meant that he didn't feel the need to make a super fast getaway!!

Roger, our lovely assistant!

Add a couple of Bramleys and you have yourself a crumble!

Much of my week however has been divided between making party bags for my besty Lynda's hen do and making clocks with roger for my stand.

A New York themed party - badges - just so we remembered who she was and so she remembered who he was......!

Aspirin for the morning afterwards (I needed mine...)

For all those cocktails

Little black books ready to receive all that necessary info about how to be a good wife, or top tips on how to survive!

Party poppers to help the evening go with a bang

Glow sticks so that no one got lost....

Jelly beans and tootsie rolls for that necessary injection of sugar when we start flagging!

Gum to combat morning after breath

Individual tiaras because we are all in our own little way, a bit of a princess!

Every party needs some bubbles - and I couldn't afford ( you know stay at home Mum at the moment) the real deal!

Just so we didn't feel left out....

Because Lynda is one, and I love the fact that the next morning she still had one stuck to the side of her face!!

New York styly lunch bags to keep everything together

A few extras to get the party started - the Dare cards? Best £3.99 I have ever spent!!!

Bags good to go

So lets have ourselves A Kiki - cheers Paul for the text idea for the balloon - and yes, they are real $ bills!

All present and correct!

Fez - bakery Lane Petersfield - a den of iniquity for the night!

quite a small space for 17 mental hens!!!

It was all worth it though - she did us proud!!!!

On a more sombre note - Roger and I have finished our clocks, and guess what, I have sold one already!!!

Just got to shift the draught excluders now!!

Have a good week . XX

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