Monday, 22 July 2013

Life goes on..

So we have been a family in the UK for over a month now and I'm quite liking this Mum business, it is actually, dare I say it, a bit easier than I anticipated - I'm not knackered (yet), I am still busily making in my evenings and Noah whilst keeping me very busy in the days is very easy to be with - he has a very naughty streak and is proving to be a bit too clever - which means I have to be on red alert alllll the time! We have done loads already and it is hard to keep up the blogging, but now that we are settled I will get on it a bit more, I promise..... Here is a bit of a flavour of what I/we have been up to....

The best thing was making it back for my students' final show - they did themselves proud - clearly I am not needed... Here are some examples of the great work they made.






Photo: Woooo finished !! Gayle Bicknell



Whilst we were in Africa I was also kept bouyant by this sort of thing! Thank you Caitlin, Elly, EJ and Issey!

We also visited RT, an amazing ex-student of mine who graduated this season - her work is awesome and she and Noah had an equal admiration for each other!!!

Some of the textiles i quite liked at Winchester (where RT studied) sorry, no names, aside from Aston, another lovely lady taught by moi!


Noah celebrated a belated first birthday - he didn't appear to be overly impressed by granny's headghog cake - but I am sure he will grow to love them!!!!

We did some art - more Crayola ended up on him!!!

Noah discovered the paddling pool at Oma's house - it was a hit!!

My brother cannot keep away!

We have been to Wisley - thank you Heather!

Hmmm, we really must get you a more masculine hat Noah - but you do look very pretty next to the roses.....!

We had a play date with Ellie and G - the ball pit was a bit of a hit!!

I LOOOOOVED the Voice this year, and thanks to youtube, I saw the whole thing - should have been Leah that won though...... Out of date, I know, but I just wanted to stick these two vids on!!

Will.I.Am enough said!

This image also did the rounds online - too good not to record on here!!! I wonder if Scratch and Sniff will have this sort of stand-off with Noah?!

Sad, sad, news- RIP Cory Montieth  XXX I am completely gutted - such a shame.

Cory Monteith - 11.5.1982 - 13.7.2013

I am back in the making saddle and have done a couple of artisan markets already - no flies on me!

Lavender hearts

Masking tape middle and wool bangles - just a bit of fun!

My friend Hannah and I (and Noah) lunched out - we went to the Long barn in Alresford and then walked along the river - it was very pleasant - being a Mum is pretty cool! Pics courtesy of the lovely Hannah! XX

I REALLY want one of these......

We went to Frensham ponds for a picnic with Granny - this was on the way to the hospital - my Dad had a quintuple heart by-pass last Tuesday -he NEVER does things by halves!!!

This is what was done....

He did come home to a really lovely garden - much better than a hospital!

Sunny apricots

New friends with dinosaurs

splashing in the pond!

Sharing the experience with Daddy!

Lovely and pretty things are growing in the garden

And all the fun and trips take their toll - even super boys have to sleep!


  1. A lovely post for lots of lovely reasons mainly your gorgeous boy!! I'm properly smitten. What a beautiful chap.
    I always love to see what your students past and present have been doing and what you've been making.
    Spookily , I too have been using masking tape innards to make bangles...they ar ethe only thing bid enough to fit over my freakishly wide knuckles! I like your bangles better. I hope you have some on your stall in November!
    Hope our dad is ok.
    Have fun in the sun.

    1. Ah thank you! I have just updated it a bit - forgot a few things - I have to organise myself a bit more now!! He is beautiful inside and out - you are going to love him!!
      It was weird being away for the final show - but the kids done good!
      Spooky!!! Great minds eh? Cheap and cheerful in my case - now show me yours!
      My dad is on the mend thanks!

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