Wednesday, 15 May 2013

So, did you hear?

Well, did you? As of yesterday at 3.00pm we, me and Ivan (Mr Bicknell) officially became parents, ahem, yes indeed, it has been a very long journey with a few bumps here and there, but at last, someone will call me Mummy!  HOORAY!!

I cannot describe the feeling, if you are already a Mum or a Dad, then you will be familiar with the complete feeling of joy when you look at your children, I simply cannot believe my luck, or just how desperately in love I have fallen with this little monster, yeah, the one who is smiling at me like butter wouldn't melt despite the fact that it is nearly 8pm and he hasn't had any sleep since midday!  But I cant blame him, today was his first sight of the outside world and I don't think he wanted to miss a thing. 

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) was in charge of the Baby Bjorn today and I am telling you right now, he is NEVER going out on his own with Noah - talk about a babe magnet! I don't know who was enjoying the attention more, Ivan (Mr Bicknell) or Noah! Did I mention in my last post just how beautiful the residents of Addis are. No? Well they are, some of the most incredible looking people on the planet are right here in this city, Storm needs to get its scouts over here right away and snap 'em up! The two younger nannies are stunning to start with - err I don't feel inadequate at all..... But generally we are surrounded by beautiful people, don't worry it's not just the women who are easy on the eye - I'm also enjoying the view! It is no surprise therefore that Noah is completely stunning, yeah, I know I am probably biased, but my God he is a looker, it was so funny when he met the ladies here at the guest house, they practically fell over themselves to get to him, declaring that he was a good colour!! I suppose they can say that because they are also Ethiopian! He has the most wonderful nature and was soon hi fiving them! He is looking at me right now saying Mama! Only because he wants out of the cot! I can't believe how well he has settled with us, he hasn't cried, panicked, been withdrawn, anything, it's like he knows he is meant to be with us! Even going back to see the nannies didn't phase him! BTW we gave each nanny 2 months wages worth of cash, and made a note in the tips book in the house about how little they are paid..... Did I tell you that during the rainy season they don't get paid at all? Honestly my blood boils.

I have to admit that I was nervous about walking around the city today en famille, you know, white family have adopted token black kid, but on the whole it was a very uplifting and inspiring experience, we did of course get the odd less than friendly look or comment, but people were actually coming up to us and kissing Noah and congratulating us, it was amazing, one man in a shop clutched his heart and then gave us a double thumbs up! Many thanked us. Court for us yesterday was a very positive experience, not just because of the end result, but because the judge was so lovely, she was friendly, charming and happy to meet us, laughing at me because I was such a jibbering wreck! I have never felt such emotion, I couldn't help crying, one of the other solicitors became really concerned and asked if we'd had bad news, I think she was a bit surprised when I said I ea tearful because I was so happy! 

Going back to the orphanage to collect him was surreal - we were like, umm, what do we do now? Thanks to Annie my wonderful sister in law I now have a comprehensive plan of action and within minutes of our arrival at the guest house the odd job man was putting up a cot for us, and today we took receipt of a baby bath - I am a little damp after our first attempt tonight! We have also done some baby massage and cleaned his teeth! He is now fast asleep and we ate keeping our fingers crossed that he sleeps a full 10 hours again just like last night! Can we be this lucky? Maybe it's just beginners luck!

Tomorrow we are going to the big market with Acha's daughter (the one we took swimming), these gestures are important to us, but nothing compared to the fact that her schooling is being paid for by another adoptive couple, now that's awesome. Acha told us today that Noah wad tiny when he arrived and had never been bottle fed, having spent the first two months of his life with his Mum, she kept pressing my boob with her hand to make her point, Ivan (Mr Bicknell) could barely contain his amusement! She also said that when another couple rejected him before us (thank God) she was so worried that no one would love him, but really happy when she met us! Apparently he was tiny when he arrived, so they have done a good job as he is very healthy! He is a little under weight and still wears size 3 - 6 month clothes even though we reackon he's a year almost, but seeing how much he ate today, I think he'll make up for lost time!

That's it for now, so sorry about the lack of picks, but we forgot our card reader, maybe we'll find one here in Addis!

Night xx


  1. Fantastic news, lovely! I bet you're both on cloud 9. Noah is going to have such a wonderful life with you.xxxx

  2. I've already facebooked, but I'm so, so, so happy for you lovely lady. Cxx