Sunday, 24 March 2013

Still waiting...

So we are still waiting for our court date, trying not to get all antsy about it, and well, failing dismally, I am not good at being out of control of a situation, as I am sure my colleagues will tell you this! But the good thing is that I am likely to see out the end of term. This way I get to discuss all the FMP's with my girls and boy and see all of their presentations and have a hand in how their Brighton projects pan out. Sadly I may not get to see final photos, but I am REALLY hoping they blog them for me - this year, despite being an amazing bunch, they are pitiful at keeping the class blog going - such a shame. But you know what they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink....!

I have got a few pics to show you though. Below are some images of Rosina's exquisite colour diary form the skirt project - brown being the colour she was given. I had asked everyone to keep one of these, hers was by far the most beautiful..... 

As I said, the Brighton projects are well under way and her are some teasers as to how the furniture etc is being developed....

Caitlin's pebbles

Issy's mussel shells

Lauren's fortune tellers....

And me? Well, since I have finished all my end of term reviews, I'm still printing - even though I have chosen to use my old friend Poladroid to show them, these will eventually be clocks!

And, still waiting......


  1. Stunning work...always a total inspiration and you know how I love a felt pebble! I love journals too and that is such a fab example. I might pinch that idea and give my Art Club kids a sketch book/journal and a colour! See...inspired! I'll have to do one as an example won't I. What fun.
    Those prints will make fantastic clocks.
    Won't be long now...

    1. Thanks Em - your colour will have to be black won't it?! Guess what? We have a date - 26th April! XX