Wednesday, 12 December 2012

This week I have gotten behind again....

Well, it has been a busy old week, and then some, and as you can see from my last post I have been ill again - but I'm getting used to it! So since I last posted I have been in the throws of the craft market season, and it has gone well, apart from one anyway, which was a total dead loss! I have been at Tweseldown Race course, Selborne and Petersfield over the last couple of weeks, below is a really rubbish pic of what I have been selling. College is still uber busy with millions of folios to get through - I will do a separate post on those and pick out some of the best pages for you all to admire - because as usual they are a clever old bunch, I will be sad not to see these guys through to the end. Did I mention that we might have our baby by March? No? well we just might...... Excited? Oh yes. Terrified? You bet yer life I am!!!


At the very same fair I found this fella, why is he significant? well, he is also adopted isn't he? I am hoping that he is going to be of some help to us, and be a support for baby Bicknell - Ivan (Mr Bicknell) was most disappointed that there wasn't a marmalade Sarnie under his hat!

This was a nice surprise - a lovely postcard from my girls in Falmouth - I am pleased to report that they all seem to be loving life down there - although Rachel should take better care of her fingers....

Photo: The needle in Rachel's finger.

On our annual Christmas shopping trip to M&S ( an excuse to go out for an evening and gossip) Mum and I were impressed with the make-over that the Camberley branch has had, including these very right-on changing facilities - Ivan (Mr Bicknell) will be pleased - although I have to get him into M&S in the fIrst place!! 

The Christmas shopping has begun.....

I made some robins

Roger my neighbour who did the Selborne show with me found a better use for one of my tea cosies!

The lights were good and I hear that Father Christmas was out and about!

I mentioned that Baby Bicknell might arrive early in the new year - we have sent off all our final paper work now, which took agggeess to complete, but it is at last done and I can begin to let myself  get excited - we even test drove a pram today! Part of our dossier was a bit of a photographic record of who we are and who is close to us - this is what we sent......

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