Tuesday, 6 November 2012


So, I am still alive - but only just! Horribly jet-lagged, full of cold and properly knackered I am staggering through the week - we had an amazing time and the students and other "grown-ups" were amazing and inspiring company - I am in awe of them all and tremendously privileged to have spent such a concentrated amount of time with them all. We climbed mountains, rode elephants, washed elephants, dodged crocodiles, played cards drank local "alcohol" , got sunburnt (me), threw up (them), went to school, ate too much rice and haggled like pros over our knitted socks and scary knives! I am too tired to write any more, so here is our 12 days in pictures as and when it all happened - I hope you enjoy what you see - and umm, if you get the chance, go and see Nepal for yourself, the place will truly blow your mind!


  1. WOW! I just kept going 'Wow' when looking at your photos. They are incredible! Thanks for sharing.x

  2. I'd echo Jenny's comment. WOW!is exactly what I thought when I looked through your photos. All those colours, views, textures, smells and characters (yes, I have scratch and sniff on my PC). What memories and experiences. Wish I could have come too!

  3. aahh ur making me home sick :(( lol good to see u guys had a blast there x